Antibiotics Free Chicken

Antibiotics are just one of many tools farmers use to keep their flocks healthy, in order to contribute to a safe and wholesome food supply. Today, all chicken farms are under a health program designed by a licensed veterinarian. But just like people, animals sometimes get sick, and treating illness is a responsible part of animal care. When this happens, farmers work with animal health experts and veterinarians to determine if an antibiotic is needed. The vast majority of the antibiotics that our producers use are never used in human medicine, and we’re taking steps to phase out those most critical to human medicine.


Chick Eating Antibiotic free feed

Healthy birds in healthy environments simply don’t need antibiotics.

We keep our birds healthy by feeding them a vegetarian diet of grains, seeds, legumes, and oils, with prebiotics, probiotics, and essential oils for a nutritionally balanced diet. We have a strong focus on biosecurity and cleanliness on our farms and our dedicated team take great care of our chickens !

You can be rest assured that all our chicken are Antibiotic residue free fresh chicken and mutton .We are currently delivering in Indirapuram , Vasundhara and Vaishali